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Banking and Financial

Financial transactions involve the exchange of information, the increasing popularity of online finance coincided with advances in information technology. Without information technology, financial markets couldn't react to global developments and finance companies couldn't consistently acquire information at the same time.

Our consultants have practical experience in banking.

Who can provide service in

  • Software project management.

  • Software development using different technologies

  • Agile methodology

  • Risk Management and Follow-Up

  • Quality Assurance Services.



Energy efficiency programs continue to expand across the nation with utilities often playing the central role in delivering programs. This expansion challenges utilities to deliver more energy savings more efficiently. A robust information technology platform can play a significant role in a utility’s success in delivering cost-effective energy efficiency program portfolios. Advances in IT can produce huge “bang for the buck” in reducing energy usage, providing more reliable energy delivery, and improving our standard of living with new applications.

Who can provide service in

  • Software to lower your energy usage, project cost and risk

  • Application development and maintenance



Hospitality industry was revolutionized due to advancements in innovation and information technology. IT has changed the procedures and structure for issues such as marketing, booking and reservations, food and beverage management, and accounting systems worldwide.

EnumServices provide experienced resources (Contract or fulltime) to build or improve the process of

  • Reservations Systems

  • Online Consumer Decision Making

  • Mobile Communication

  • Website Layout and Design

  • Customer Relationship Management



With the increasing globalization of retailing, both in terms of their points-of-sale and their points-of-supply; the information technology (IT) spend in the retail sector has increased significantly. IT plays an increasingly important role in the management of complex retail operations

EnumServices provides the resources for retail industries to improve in

  • Application development and maintenance

  • Customer data processing

  • Inventory control

  • Software project management.



The insurance sector as we all are aware is crucial for everyone in the country. IT has helped to gain through web-based, online, front-end improvements for efficient selling, analysis and decision-making.

  • Testing Services

  • Help generate different policies

·      Manage Your Client Information

  • Software development using different technologies

  • Database services



Information technology has the potential to give doctors and providers of medical care a much more complete picture of the patient in front of them, and patients a much easier way to access their complete medical history. Using Health information technology you can use to improve clinical practice and the health of your patients.

EnumServices provide experienced resources for helping improve the process of

  • Application development and maintenance

  • Access up-to-date evidence-based clinical guidelines and decision support

  • Improve the quality of care and safety of your patients

  • Provide proactive health maintenance for your patients

  • Better coordinate patients care with other providers through the secure and private sharing of clinical information.


Oil and gas companies face ongoing challenges to improve exploration, capital project execution, business performance, and supply chain optimization and integration. Partnerships of all kinds are crucial to strong performance. In the oil and gas industry, these partnerships regularly involve business processes and capabilities stretching across company boundaries. Increasingly, strong decision-making capabilities are a prerequisite for increased profitability.

EnumServices provide experienced resources (Contract or fulltime) to build or improve the process of

  • Application development and maintenance

  • IT portfolio

  • Data center

  • Service management

  • Enterprise architecture

  • Cost management

  • Organization

  • Outsourcing


Oil & Gas   

The telecommunications industry is broader than it was in the past. It encompasses multiple service providers, including telephone companies, cable system operators, Internet service providers, wireless carriers, and satellite operators. The industry today includes software-based applications with a communications emphasis and intermediate layers of software incorporated into end-to-end communication services.

EnumServices provides the resources for Telecom industries to build

  • Information Systems Cybersecurity

  • Application development and maintenance

  • Testing Services

  • Security and Risk Analysis



Improving performance of computers and communications technologies are now starting to have a significant impact on the transport (Ground and Airline) industry. Automatic data collection systems including automatic vehicle location systems, automatic passenger counting systems, advanced passenger information systems and electronic fare payment and ticketing systems are becoming ubiquitous in large systems and are having an impact on the quality and availability of information for service and operations planning, controlling the service and measuring the resultant service quality delivered to passengers.

EnumServices provides the resources for Transportation industries to build

  • Application development and maintenance

  • Ticket pricing system

  • Enhancing productivity and efficiency


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